Parks and Trails Master Plan

The Parks and Trails Master Plan is Cedar Hill's vision and mission of providing a family-friendly environment for indoor and outdoor activities. This plan includes a fully-integrated system of parks, trails, and bikeways, creating a city within a park. It also functions as a Planning tool, helping progress the Comprehensive Plan's vision of establishing a multi-modal community and becoming a premier transit-oriented destination. With a focus on trails, parks and open space, streetscapes, and public space, the goals of the Parks and Trails Master Plan help support the vision and purpose of the City Center Plan.

Parks and Trails Master Plan Outline:

  • Table of Contents
  • Ch. 1 Introduction
  • Ch. 2 Context
  • Ch. 3 Parks and Open Space
  • Ch. 4 Aquatics and Indoor Recreation
  • Ch. 5 Trails and Bikeways
  • Ch. 6 Streetscapes
  • Ch. 7 Implementation Summary
  • Appendices
  • Trails and Bikeways Maps

The Parks and Trails Master Plan can be found within the Parks and Recreation Department's page.There, you can also find more information about the Park and Trails programs.