City Survey 2016 Results

Survey says: "We really like it here!"

In January, 2016, the City commissioned an independent company to conduct a standardized survey of Cedar Hill residents. The purpose was to assess citizen satisfaction with the delivery of City services. The complete results of the survey are available at the links below.
The major findings are:
1. Residents have a very positive perception of the City.
2. Satisfaction levels in Cedar Hill are higher than national and regional averages in most categories.
3. Top community priorities are traffic flow and congestion management, enforcement of city codes, maintenance of streets and facilities.

The survey results were presented to the City Council at their Feb. 9, 2016 meeting.
Cedar Hill survey results are presented with comparisons of responses from nationwide results and results of residents in the southwestern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico.
This survey will set a baseline for future surveys; it will compare Cedar Hill's performance with other communities regionally and nationally. It will help the City Council and City management determine priorities for the community.
The 7-page survey was mailed to all neighborhoods in the city, carefully selected from census tracts to assure an even distribution throughout the community. To reach an adequate number of residents, some were called and could answer questions by phone or visit an online version of the survey.Over 400 residents responded to the survey, giving it a statistically-valid result with a margin of error of 4.8% overall.

Below are links to the full survey findings document and an appendix of GIS maps showing perceptions by census tracts.

Community Survey Results 2016

Community Survey Appendix-GIS maps 2016