Garage Sales List  October 11 - 14

To have your sale listed here, please register your sale as required by City Ordinance. Only sales in the City of Cedar Hill can be included in the list.

The list will be updated Thursday afternoons. In order to have your sale listed here, please register your sale by noon on Thursday. Registrations obtained after noon on Thursday are still valid but a listing is not guaranteed.

1637 Chapman Street October 13
205 W Belt Line Rd October 13
1921 Valley View Drive October 13
720 King Street October 12-13
1350 Middleton Drive October 11-12
312 Capricorn Street October 12-13
313 Capricorn Street October 12-13
1356 Boyd Street October 13
1523 Rocky Creek Circle October 13
214 North Roberts Road October 13-14
553 Stonewall Court October 13
 106 Capricorn Drive October 13